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Just Glass, Pure Coffee

Welcome to an all glass coffee making experience.


"Making a clear case for transparency in brewing, a new device called the Pure Over is on its way into production, offering filter-free drip coffee from a brewer composed entirely of clear borosilicate glass."

"It cuts down on waste because you don't need single-use paper filters."

"What he has invented takes his brilliant skills as a glass blower and reinvents them into a very different application of the art form."

Meet Pure Over

All glass everything

100% glass. No paper, plastic, or metal.

Pure flavor

A stronger, bolder, more flavorful cup of coffee.

Etai Rahmil

Artisan owned. Designed in Portland, Oregon

Pure Over was designed by renowned glass artist Etai Rahmil.

An elevated coffee experience

Watch the water rain through the diffuser, immerse into your coffee grounds and drip into your mug.

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