WHat you need

Pure Over


Ground Coffee

Hot Water

Let's brew!
Step 1

Grind 20g of coffee to medium - coarse.


Baratza Encore: 19

Fellow Ode: 7

Comandante: 31 clicks

Step 2

Pour grounds directly into the glass dripper. Grounds should cover the entire bottom of the dripper, not just the filter.

Step 3

Place the diffuser lid on top of the dripper, pour hot water (~ 210℉) through the diffuser lid until the grounds are saturated and allow it to bloom for 45 seconds.

Step 4

Continue to pour water through the diffuser lid until the water level reaches the handle connection for a ~ 10oz. Cup.

Tip: Gently stir floating grounds to increase extraction

Step 5

Allow water to fully drip through the grounds.

Tip: Gently disrupt bottom cake with the stir stick to end brew at desired time.

Step 6

Place dripper back on base and enjoy!


While holding only the bottom of the dripper, throw the spent grounds into your compost bin. Rinse out any remaining grounds with water.

Do not hold the dripper by the handle while throwing out grounds.

Dishwasher safe